1. This is a great blog! I didn’t have to go through the same as your pain. It was more to do with my Payal account name was [English first name] [last name] vs my proof of ID having my [Chinese 1st Name] [English 1st Name] [Last Young].

    With no explanation, Paypal stated, they have determined to be an excessive risk involved in doing business with you. A private ebay seller selling its old clothes and trainers. An excessive risk! What a bunch of idiots.

    It is quite normal in HongKong to have first names, not middle names, that are both Chinese and English name. What of which, after 180 days, as you have mentioned, they are going to ask for proof of address and ID, which they rejected and main reason for closing my account.

    I hope you get your money back….I might not be getting my money back after 180 days.

  2. Hi, there, Jojje! I’m having some similar trouble, too! Although having the confirmation that I can get my money in 6 months seems great (it actually does!) so PLEASE do keep us posted on that :)